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Gosh, so much has happened since I last posted. Most importantly, for anyone within striking distance who is interested, the launch party for the book will be Saturday 11th August in the Redesdale Hall, Moreton in Marsh 10am to 5pm and no doubt in the pub afterwards. There will be stands and displays and refreshments and hopefully lots of people!

Ted Nasmith has very kindly given permission for the use of Thus Came Aragorn on the cover. Even though I commissioned this piece, Ted still holds the copyright so I'm very grateful to him for that.

Ruth Lacon has written a wonderful preface and all her positive feedback has helped me to sleep at night and not worry myself into a nervous wreck over the whole thing. I've managed to take the coming week off work to get the final text together. There's still the index etc  to do but the final final deadline isn't until 30th June.

For a book estimated to be nearly 400 pages long it is very modestly priced at  £9.99 and will be available on Amazon from 11th August.

Please feel free to spread the word around any writers groups etc. I had to quickly cobble together a few words for an advert for Amon Hen the other day  if anyone wants a summary to post.

Title: Hobbit to Hero: the Making of Tolkien's King
Author: Elizabeth M Stephen
ISBN 978-0-9551900-8-7  ISBN 0-9551900-7-X

'A uniquely detailed study of the character 'Aragorn' unravelling his evolution from hobbit ranger to Numenorean king and exploring how this unexpected transformation enabled Tolkien to fulfill some of the most profound functions of his wider mythology'.

This is the the first mock up of the cover.

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