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Almut has asked to see more of the sketch in my icon so here it is. It's only a small, inexpensive watercolour that I bought on ebay but I rather liked the intensity of Aragorn's stern gaze and the fact that it wasn't obviously copied from a still from the movies which so many of these things are.

Here is the ebay listing with the artist's name and the full pic which is about the same size as the actual thing.

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First up, thank you so much to everyone for coming up with such a wonderful variety of prefixes and suffixes for 'Inzilbeth'. All suggestions were quite brilliant so now I need to ruminate on the matter for a bit as I can't make up my mind which I prefer and one of my motos in life has always been 'when in doubt, do nothing'!

I was going to post some up to date pics of Pae tonight but I'm running short of time so, instead, here's another contribution for 'Aragorn in Art' .  A while back I posted a few truly dreadful pictures so this time I thought I would post one that I absolutely love. I've no idea who the artist is, but if anyone can tell me I would be glad to give due credit.

Next morning PS!

I just did a bit of googling and found the artist is Catherine Chmiel whose other work can be found here.

Seems she's quite a fan of the Stewards!

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I think I'm missing posting 'Aspects of Aragorn' and so, with nothing else finished, I'm going to start an occasional series posting pics of Aragorn as he appears in works of art, especially those paintings which pre-date Viggo. I seem to have gathered together quite a collection so I'll share some of the most interesting ones with you. 

The idea came partly from a project I'm working on but also from Cairistiona's 'Aragorn a Day' series and a recent post of Curiouswombat's which reminded me of all the Aragorns in miniskirts I've seen!

I'll begin with this offering by Rowena Morrell called 'The Last Steward of Gondor'. This one has to be worth a peek if only for those thighs!

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