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So here it is - the very last part of Aspects of Aragorn. I hope you have enjoyed reading the tale even a part as much as I enjoyed writing it. I think I can empathise a bit with Barahir in this story - it was a real pleasure and a privilege to piece together Aragorn's life history. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading and especially those who have written so many kind reviews, both here and at SoA. I only hope that at the end you  feel I did our great hero justice.

My most grateful thanks of course go to my incomparable beta and wonderful friend, Cairistiona. A of A  was considerably shorter when she first looked at it, but thanks to all her insisting that I  write more 'showing' and less 'telling' it grew considerably. I can't thank you enough for all your patience, my dear! I would also like to thank Estelcontar for her encouragement and reassurance that my version of events remained close to canon.

Now that is it finally finished, I keep thinking of more chapters that I should have written so I'm not entirely ruling out further 'Aspects of Aragorn' in the future!

Epilogue )
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Here's the last chapter though there is still the Epilogue to come next week.

Chapter 40 )
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King Elessar rides to the Brandywine Bridge and meets his hobbit friends.

Chapter 38 )
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I've finally, finally finished it! After nearly four years, 170,000 words, 363 pages, umpteen rewrites, today I actually got to hold a printed copy in my hand. And yes, it felt every bit as good as I hoped it would!

I also feel like I'm suddenly got my life back even though I know I'm going to miss it terribly.

So what's next?

Reading, reading and more reading! I'm a serial reader of Tolkien canon but these last nine months, since I started posting  A of A weekly, I've hardly read anything and I really miss  the 'real' M-e. First up is a quick run through the Sil before returning to HoME. I've not read any of the 'First Book of Lost Tales' or the 'Lays' and have only dipped into  'The Lost Road' and 'The Shaping of M-e'. I can't wait to get stuck in, though I don't mind admitting that some of it can be fairly heavy going so I'll be catching up on some fics as well. I'm still going to need the occasional Aragorn fix!

And I'll certainly be doing more writing in due course but I do need a break. I felt very driven to write A of A. I don't feel that same complusion for my other WIP - well not yet! I don't want to return to Elrond's story until I've finished HoME. After writing the first three chapters. I then found one line in 'The War of the Jewels' which threw doubt on my interpretation of when Elrond left the care of Maglor. I'd rather find out these things first!

'In the Dark Places' is a long Aragorn and Halbarad in Moria tale, also with only three chapters written. This is very stationary at the moment. Increasing I find I'm drawn to Tuor's tale. There is so much there to get your teeth into. Ryan's despair puts Gilraen's in the shade. How does Annael explain her abandonment of him as a baby? He's a slave at just 16 years yet befriends the guards' dogs and escapes, but how does he cope spending the next four years alone? He's the first man to see the sea, and what about meeting Ulmo! Wow, how scary was that! Then he nearly dies on the way to Gondolin yet rapidly rises in honour to marry the king's daughter. And during the fall of the city, he personally slays Maeglin. What a challenge that would be to write. Then there's the escape through the tunnel and the attack by orcs and the balrog before he finally leads the survivors to the Havens and eventually sails off  - to where exactly?

Gosh, I might just be talking myself into writing that one! One thing's for sure, I'm not going to be bored any time in the next few decades!

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Two different POV on the eve of 22nd August 3018

Chapter 36 )
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Aragorn recalls Frodo and Sam from the brink of death.


Chapter 34 )
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As the Black Ships prepare to dock at the Harlond, Halbarad contemplates his fate and the man who will soon be his king.

A birthday present for Aragorn!

Chapter 33 )
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I was going to call this chapter 'The Road to Pelargir' but I couldn't get Bob hope and Bing Crosby out of my mind!

Chapter 32 )
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A short piece from Eowyn's POV [about Aragorn, naturally!]

Chapter 30 )
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A conversation between Aragorn and Halbarad up in that tower in the Hornburg.

Happy belated birthday Cairistiona

Chapter 29 part 1 )

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I feel this is the dullest chapter I've yet written but Cairstiona assures me its fine!

Chapter 28 )
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This was the very first fic I ever wrote though I've pruned some of the exposition and added a bit more to the end to adapt it for A of A.
It was the scene in TTT where Elrond bullied Aragorn into breaking off his engagement , which I felt was so unfair to both characters, that prompted my to have a go at writing my own version.

Chapter 27 )

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