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Hope you're having a good day. And cake!

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Lily, dear, I hope you have a lovely day. Lots of *hugs* and lots of choclate cake!

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Hope you have a wonderful day, Liz!

Here are some likely lads to help you celebrate!

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Happy birthday Suz. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Taking my cue from Cairistiona, this is a rather topical ranger pic for you, courtesy of the Hildebrandt brothers!

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Happy birthday, Lily, hope you have a wonderful day!

I take no credit for this wallpaper but I hope you enjoy.

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Happy birthday [info]ellynn_ithilwen ! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Knowing that you're one of those strange gals who prefers Boromir to Aragorn, I went in search of a suitable pic. I must confess it was the horse that caught my eye here rather than the rider, but I hope you enjoy!

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Happy birthday, Cairistiona. May you have a wonderful day, hopefully spending at least a little time in the company of your favourite ranger!

The only problem with it being the birthday of the lady who hosts 'Aragorn-a-day', is what to post as a birthday card that you haven't seen already.

A little googling was in order!


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A very happy birthday to Harrowcatliz. I hope you had a wonderful day. And if you've celebrating, I know a certain ranger would be very welcome!

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Hope you have a lovely day filled with rangerly goodness!

I have no idea who made this, I've had it in my pictures for so long I can't remember where I found it,  but I thought you might enjoy.

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Have a terrific day.

I couldn't find many pics of this particular hero but I hope you like this one. I'm looking forward to the drabbles!

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I hope you have a wonderful day doing things just for yourself!

I recently came across this great drawing of Thorongil defeating the Corsairs. I've no idea who the artist is but I hope you like it.

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