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A couple of years ago, I begun what was to be my next big project after writing ‘Aspects of Aragorn’. My intended subject this time was Elrond whom I’ve loved ever since I heard [it was read out to me by my teacher when I was eight] that line in ‘The Hobbit’ about Elrond being as kind as summer. For some reason that spoke to me and I’ve been fascinated by the character ever since. Writing Elrond’s tale, with his being halfelven and living in all four Ages, I felt would provide some very different challenges from writing Aragorn’s story.


Well I was right about that! Putting flesh on the few bones Tolkien provided proved unexpectedly tricky and things haven’t gone quite to plan. Most of the story is still only in the planning stages, Elrond’s early years not being as easy to unravel as I had initially imagined. Unfortunately, because  of my uncertainty over the validity of what I had already written and my continued dithering over how to proceed, other projects eventually took precedence and, as a result, to date I’ve actually only completed a rather pathetic two chapters. With the loss of impetus, I finally decided that, instead of trying to write the whole thing first, I'll just post each chapter as and when they are ready. The first, ‘The Haven’s of Sirion’, I’ve just put up at SoA and can be found here:

My most grateful thanks, as always, to my two wonderful betas, Cairistiona7 and Estelcontar1.


 Chapter three, ‘The Choice of the Peredhil’ is also ready for posting, though the wheels have complete come off what should have been the second chapter.


Here I had great difficulty deciding on the most likely course of events surrounding Elrond’s and Elros’s return to the Havens. Under the cut is the sum total of what we have to go on and any thoughts would be most welcome!


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