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Until this week I had never heard of Pierre Vinet but, according to TORn where there is a report that he died this weeek, he was the photographer responsible for some of the best known LOTR movie photos.

Among them is this one which is my favourite ROTK shot. Not only is it a fabulous iconic scene, but Viggo's expression sums up the courage and determination shown by our heroes and I'm totally in awe of his skill here. That is a stallion he's riding one handed and on a busy film set at that. Holding up a five foot long sword can't be easy either and yet the whole thing looks so natural. I have about four different sized posters of this pic, though only one small one actually on the wall but if never fails to move me. Pierre Vinet was obviously a very skilled photographer and Viggo, of course, a fine actor and horseman!

As to lambing, well it's being a bit slow at the moment. I'm all set and ready to roll but not much is happening so I'm making the most of catching up with indoor things this morning.  I had twins born yesterday and the triplets are doing just fine. I haven't fed them myself for 24 hours so, at least for now, old Lucy is coping. I do hope all those ewes who look fit to drop get a move on over the weekend though and don't all wait until Monday morning when I'm back in work!

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