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Here are the answers to the second part of the quiz. A huge thank you to everyone who played along and made it fun. It was a tough one but I'm delighted to say Estelcontar got them all right. [And knowing that she is every bit as obsessive as I am, I'm not really surprised!]

I hope some of the facts prove to be interesting; they certainly interested me.

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Here is the second part of my Aragorn quiz. It's hard! While writing 'Aspects of Aragorn', I researched the character thoroughly, not only reading and re reading every published word the Professor wrote about him, but also delving into literally dozens of books about Tolkien and his works so as to be absolutely certain that my interpretations of the character were compatible with the conventional ones held by Tolkien scholars. So I thought it would be fun, therefore, to include some of the lesser known facts that I unearthed about Aragorn in this quiz.

Good luck!

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Well that quiz seemed to go down a lot better than the first two! Thanks to everyone who had a go and played along, some those those questions were not easy.

To find out how you did, here are the answers. Part two will be up on Saturday.

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As requested by Linda Hoyland and Estelcontar [Passolargo] here is a tough Aragorn quiz. It's 60 questions in total but that's quite a lot to do in one go so I've divided into two parts. One part actually isn't that tough  and there are a few easy questions in there, but part two, which I'll post next weekend, is harder.

Answers will go up Wednesday. Feel free to look them up - there are no prizes - but it's probably more fun to see how many you can answer out of your head first.

I must admit, I've had a lot of fun thinking these up so I hope you enjoy doing it.

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Many thanks to the [few!] who had a stab at this. No one got it completely correct but a couple had a darn good go. Congratulations, answers are under the cut.

Now the good news is that I've finished the Aragorn quiz! Both Linda Hoyland and Passolargo requested a tough one so I'm being doing my best to make it difficult - actually a lot harder to do than it might seem. There are 60 questions and I still think some of them are far too easy but we will see! I'll post it later in the week.

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As requested by Roisin, I've put together some questions on Numenor and its people. Some of them are fairly easy but mostly it's a bit of a toughy!

I'll post the answers tomorrow. Good luck!

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