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OK, I got the distinct feeling this was considered to be a tad on the tricky side, so all the more reason why I’d like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who played along, especially those whose ‘specialist subjects’ didn’t feature that much [well done Shirebound!]. Next time I’ll throw in a few easier ones, I promise! And thanks to Linda, I now have the challenge of trying to create a ‘tough’ Aragorn quiz. That should be most interesting to devise *grin*!


The star prize though goes to Passolargo who I think got everything right. Yay! Fantastic effort.


So here are the answers [oh and in case anyone is interested – which I very much doubt – question 32 which I omitted was: What was Turin’s epitaph? Umm thought not!]

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I’ve taken part in two RL Tolkien quizzes so far this year. The one in April at the  Moreton in Marsh art exhibition was very formal – we sat down with question papers and had a set time to complete. The one at Sarehole was more a matter of pick up a form and submit it if you want to. As most of the questions were of the ‘what colour is Gandalf’s hat?’ variety, I didn’t bother. The Moreton one was more challenging but still with lots of very easy questions that pandered to all levels of knowledge. So I thought it would be interesting to try and write one that was more of a challenge but without being so hard and obscure that it was no fun to actually take part.


So while I’ve been going about my mundane chores [mucking out the sheds mostly – very boring]  I’ve been dredging my knowledge and dreaming up what I hope are interesting questions.


If you would like to have a go, questions are under the cut and I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

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