Apr. 18th, 2012

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I know I'm probably way behind with keeping up with everybody. I do apologise, though it looks like there's no let up just yet. Lambing is finally over but it's all systems go on the book. I now have a mid May deadline for getting the text into its final format. That means sorting out the literally hundreds of footnotes and all the typos and any additions/alterations to the content in three weeks! In practise, with other commitments, it means about three whole days and a few bits stolen here and there. Yes I'm panicking!

And it occurred to me that I've said very little about the actual content. While, on the face of it, it's about Aragorn, obviously it encompasses so much more such as Numenor and the Dunedain; Elendil, Elrond and Elros; AElfwine and Eriol; Arthur and Charlemagne; Beowulf and Beorhtnoth; Sigurd and Turin; heroism and humility; Arry Lowdham and King Sheave; Finrod and Andreth; death and desire; the Fall of Man and the ending of the World!

So a few diverse topics there but all weaved together by the presence of Aragorn and drawn into six rather long chapters, the titles of which are as follows.

1. The Riddle of Strider
2. Trotter
3. The Numenor Dilemma
4. Fulfilling the Divine Plan
5. A peerless Hero
6. The Importance of Hope

The plan is still for an August launch, details to follow nearer the time as I can't think about that yet, not until the text is finally finished and I've tracked down every last quotation. Estelcontar is going to be here for the next couple of weekends so I think I'll rope her in to help with that.

I'm going to be busy!

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